Hypnotherapy & EMDR

Unfold your full Potential with InTreats, a unique combination of Erickson's Hypnotherapy and EMDR which years of practice have proven to facilitate rapid and lasting results in a most profound way.

1. Book your free orientation chat, during which we shall discuss your wishes, and how the In Treats ™ method can help you.
2. This time will also allow us to feel whether we are a good working match.
3. When we choose to continue working together we then book your first session of 2 hours which will consist of :
- Intake (+-60 minutes)
- Relaxation hypnosis and general blockage release technique. (+-45 minutes)

First session, 2 h is  150 € 
1 h intake + 1 h treatment to your choice

For your comfort
You may choose to continue  treatments with the following discount packages:

1.  3 sessions of 60 minutes:  € 228

2.  5 sessions of 60 minutes:  € 380
3. 10 sessions of 60 minutes:  € 720


Ramona Finke, Holistic Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist

InTreats - Integrative Treatments

A combination of various therapeutic methods, which when mixed and matched individually, facilitate rapid and lasting results in a most profound way.


EMDR - Eye Movement DESENSITIZATION & Reprocessing

Sports Mental Training

For all who´s aim is to improve performance in Sports or Activities


Personal Development Course Koh Phangan, Thailand  Sept-Nov 2019 Jan-Mar2020      Thailand Jan-March 2020

the Team

Ramona Finke

Ramona Finke

Holistic Psychotherapist

Adventurous and curious by nature, I enjoy travelling, my journies have taken me to many countries, merging in different cultures and being open to various methods of healing, western as well as holistic. Having studied many of them, my heart lies within the practical use of medical hypnotherapy and EMDR as they offer profound and durable results in a short time with an easy to apply DIY kit.

I truly enjoy sharing my expertise knowledge with my clients which is a combination of my acquired professional skills and my own life`s  experiences.

Whether a session is in person or online, rest assure that your well being is my priority. A high level professionalism combined with my attentive & caring personality offering you the perfect environment for growth.



The Emotional support `Pug`

Pugs are very energetic dogs and havev a natural desire to make people feel better. 
Pugs get along with people of all ages, though they work particularly well with children.  
Milo himself had a sad start in Life and spend his first years in a cage.  He was afraid of anything and everyone. 
With patients and proving day by day to be trust worthy, Milo developed to a very confident dog.  His presence is specially with my young clients prize less.