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KindS Hypnotherapy

with the benefit of  " Milo " the Emotional Support Pug


Because children own as a rule a lively imagination and are even more often than adults in the everyday life in natural trance to states, the hypnosis therapy is very well applicable particularly with children and youngsters. It can be applied with almost all symptoms, problems and clinical pictures. Because she orientates herself basically by the resources of the children, it is always protective and supportive. Also the selfhypnosis is easy for children to learn and to apply and, hence, an important component of my work. With suggestions suitable to the clients age learning self hypnosis, they learn to be able to adjust responsibility and control around themselves in difficult situations themselves. What her child has worked first of all, then affects also immediately everyday life, school or sport. According to him is able to do itself, e.g. the conflict resolution competence, a better processing of feelings, a mental balance, the strengthening of the self-confidence and the self-esteem, improved communication or the dismantling of fears become apparent. However, the hypnosis is no universal remedy, and if necessary it is to be looked inevitably the whole family system. possible areas of application of Compulsive disturbances fear & panic attacks, concentration disturbances, exam nerves , hyperactivity, sleeping disturbances, lacking self-confidence, loss experiences , allergies , adaptation disturbances , asthma, Neurodermitis, Enkopresis Enuresis pains kink stuttering nail-biting Trichotillomanie (hair tear out) learning disturbances and sleeping disturbances , informal conflicts / crises dental treatments training of social abilities and removal of social fears harassment .