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Mental training with Integrative Treatments

Why Mentaltraining 


Mental skills benefits anyone interested in improving their performances in Sports & as well as in Business


- To optimise your prefect & desired performance

- To be in your optimal performance state during competitions

- Fading out stage – fright

- To diisslove specific fears & blockages

- To be free of performance pressure

- Effortlesslly, ressourse and healthy -  technique

- How to reach an instant FLOW STATE & keep it

- To know how to recharge in breaks

- How to handle self destructive voice in your head

- Resach the maximum motivation level

- Fasten your regeneration prozess after injury

- Influence chronic pain

- Strengthen the team spirit



sport mentaltraining

Our body can do anything - we only need to convince our mind!


Whether by the preparation of a dive or during a dive, is it is completely concentrated Importantly to survival and to be relaxing at the same time. This irritates many people skin-dive to breathe, however, by the image under water to be dependent on devices and the controlling loss linked with it, often releases fear! Or one would like to concern new challenges and is unsafe whether one mentally in addition is able, like, E.G., with wreck, caves or night dives. Or how do I react if I the first time to a shark meets? These and other reasons can make us unsafe and release fears. Just if one skin-dives only on vacation and long times lie between the dives, the nervousness rises before every new dive. This is not only obstructively for the oxygen consumption and thereby shortens the dive, but can also lead to mistakes by the preparation of the equipment. Only one small inattentiveness can be disastrous here, leads to insecurity and the whole dive is more stress than relaxation! In my mental training for divers, I leave you, for you potentially difficult situations cause and imagine the next right behaviour patterns and anchors this firmly in your subconsciousness. Moreover, I learn to you a special self-regulation technology to be able to calm itself in case of a fear or panic situation under water again independently. Also you learn how they can reduce her oxygen consumption around a multiple one without many dives. This gives you the necessary security around relaxed and to be able to go down certainly, to be able to enjoy the weightlessness and the amusing underwater world by „few trains„


Because horses reflect our behavior and our mental constitution, mental training also extremely helps in the horse-riding. There are many factors which riders and horse on a tournament do not leave the last what they have coached before. Is it by nervousness, expectation sound performance pressure, distraction by outside influence, bad basic conditions or simply a bad day constitution of our horse. With my mental training they learn quite simply and in short time how you can fade out such disturbances and produce always her perfect „Flow state „ – in unity with your horse. But also new lessons or wrong crept riding manners, can be practiced faster with mental training. Since what she will learn in the mental training directly in the subconsciousness stored away, thereby automates and can be moved later with ease. Also at the physical level muscles, tendons, tapes and nereves are programmed. Therefore you learn to ris your duties with ease before you in the saddle and spare yourselves and her horse and avoid a hard, strenuous training!