Rating of 14.06.2014

Age 26

Very competent, comprehensive advice / treatment with successful problem solving


I understood myself and felt very well taken cared off by Mrs. Finke. She has taken enough time for me and my concerns. Since I had no experience in the field of hypnosis, I was very excited. Through her calm and competent nature, she has been able to take away my fear and helped me a lot. Gradually, I have used more hypnosis treatments, such as successful smoking cessation, relaxation and motivation hypnosis. I definitely benefited from it and I'm getting better and better. I can highly recommend Ms. Finke with her knowledge and techniques. "



Age: 34

Absolute amazing results with Hypnosis

Thanks to Mrs Finke, I was able to gain my first experiences in the field of hypnosis. I was very excited at the first appointment, because you do not really know what to expect in a hypnosis treatment. I was very positively surprised after the treatment and knew immediately that it is a kind of treatment that I will repeat. Through the comprehensive medical history and consultation, we have reached a joint agreement in several discussions regarding acceptance and stress management. I am more than thrilled with the result, I have been able to change my diet and my entire life for 1O months and manage stress with other strategies (until now I have managed to lose 22kg). From my own experience and absolute conviction, I can recommend to anyone to try out the hypnosis, as it can be a great support and companion for all problems that you want to tackle and work on. Mrs Finke has a very open-minded empathetic nature that gives you a very safe feeling of relief. "




Age 31

Hypnotherapy with great Success – Jameda link:

I was looking for alternative treatments, because behavioral therapy did not lead to the desired improvement, and I came across Ms. Finke. With her, I felt right about the entire course of treatment, through her friendly and sympathetic nature. I felt taken seriously and always very well advised.

Already after the first hypnosis treatment I had first success experiences, which motivated me to continue to work on me. I felt better and better, now feel I want to keep working on myself and I have learned to cope with my feelings and problems differently.

Thanks to this great experience with hypnotherapy, I can definitely recommend Mrs. Finke! "